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Free Business Valuation and Advisory Consultation

We at Dexterity Partners know that any decision you make over the future of your business is a big one and is not made lightly. Therefore please contact us for a free business consultation to help you decide what is the best course of action for yourselves, what the best next steps are and of course an idea of what the value of your business is.
We are happy to meet you in person, over the phone or video call - whatever suits you best we are here to help.

The aim of the meeting will be to understand exactly what your goals are and what you want to achieve so we can help you work towards your goals. We want to understand your business's strengths and what makes it unique. 

Even if you are not sure where you are on the path of deciding to sell - maybe you are thinking a few years in the future or have come to a crossroads of where to go next. We are happy to have a discussion to hopefully help you decide on the correct path to take.
We want you to come away with an understanding of the process, how we can help you and what the options are. We also want to give an idea of the potential valuation as we know how important that is as a factor in any sale.


There's no commitment to anything further. 


How to value a business

One of the first questions that's is usually asked, and whilst it can be complicated to accurately value a business and there can be numerous factors that impact the final figure, the standard approaches are based in the financials follow similar principles.

Valuing your business can be like valuing your favourite painting or antique. It is unique and is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

The minimum you could expect to receive is the market value of the assets owned by the business.  

Normalised EBITDA x multiple (general + specific characteristics of your business) + free cash less debt

The most common approach though is follow the above formula as a baseline.

Essentially the amount of profit the business generates multiplied by a “multiple”. In most cases the multiple falls in the 3-7 range with smaller businesses falling on the lower end and larger, stronger, more proven businesses on the higher end. As with any range you can be outside of it under certain circumstances. At the end of the day however, each business is unique and the exact valuation and methodology is unique to that business and the buyer.

Hopefully this gives you some initial direction in being able to understand roughly where the valuation falls for your own business. At Dexterity Partners we want to be open and honest when it comes to this topic. Setting sky high unrealistic expectations for sellers helps no one in the long run. The way we prefer to operate is to deliver a higher valuation to you through our “Fit to Sell” and “Fit for the Future” processes, helping to deliver actual increases in the amount you get on sale rather than over promise something at the start that doesn't translate in what you actually get paid at the end.

Get a business valuation today

Fill out our contact form and register with us as a buyer to be the first to hear about potential opportunities as well as get tailored opportunities straight to you. 

Why Dexterity Partners..?

  1. It is not just a meeting to give you a valuation and that's it. It is a comprehensive discussion about your business, objectives and goals and how to achieve them with valuation being just one aspect.

  2. We do not give unrealistic valuations and promises to entice you in, we want to be honest with you as that is the best way to ensure you can get the most of this process.

  3. We want to finish the meeting with you having a clear path forward of what the options are and how we can help to achieve them.


Get In touch

Contact our team at Dexterity Partners today for assistance with business valuation.

Client Testimonials

I'm delighted to be joining forces with K3.  We pride ourselves on
delivering a high-quality service and we can add greater value to our clients through the provision of K3's broad range of advisory services. Businesses are facing unprecedented levels of financial hardship and we are now in an even stronger position to help businesses navigate the current economic storm."


Dexterity Partners played a critical role in managing the complete sales process, from negotiation to legal completion. This enabled me to remain focussed on the business whilst having an experienced sounding board who understood all the issues. Dexterity Partners unique approach with a single point contact controlling the whole process, improved the final agreed value and terms of the deal.  

Michael Chamberlain, founder and director at Chamberlain & Co.

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