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Insurance business for sale

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Buy or Sell a Insurance Business

At Dexterity Partners, we provide specialised advisory services for insurance business owners looking to sell their business. With a profound understanding of the insurance industry's nuances and a track record of successful transactions, our team is equipped to navigate the complexities of selling your business. Our approach combines industry insights, strategic planning, and a vast network of potential buyers to ensure a sale that meets your objectives.

The insurance industry is characterised by its regulatory environment, client relationships, and the valuation of long-term contracts, making the sale of an insurance business a unique challenge. Selling your insurance business is about more than just finding a buyer and them making you an offer; it's about ensuring a transition that maintains the integrity and continuity of service your clients expect. Whether you specialise in life, health, property, casualty or any other type of insurance, our approach is designed to address the specific nuances of your sector. Understanding these intricacies is crucial when considering the sale of an insurance business. We understand that your business plays a crucial role in the lives of your clients, and our goal is to ensure that its value is fully recognized in the sale.
Our firm is dedicated to guiding insurance business owners through the complex process of selling their enterprise, ensuring a seamless and profitable transition.

Our team comprises industry veterans with decades of experience in both the insurance sector and the business advisory and M&A field. We leverage this deep knowledge to provide you with strategic advice tailored to the unique aspects of insurance businesses. From initial preparation to final sale, we're committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. We understand that each insurance business has its own story, strengths, and challenges. Regardless of what type of insurance you specialise in within the industry, our approach is always customised to meet your specific needs and objectives.

A key part of selling an insurance business is about understanding the value of your hard work, the reputation you've built, and the potential your business holds for future growth. At Dexterity Partners we focus on highlighting these elements to prospective buyers, ensuring they see the true value of your business. We also recognize the importance of confidentiality and discretion throughout this process, protecting your interests and those of your employees and clients.

As you embark on the journey of selling your insurance business, let us be your trusted partner. With our expertise, commitment to excellence, and personalised approach, we are here to navigate the complexities of the sale, ensuring a rewarding and successful outcome.

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3 Reasons to choose Dexterity Partners

Dedicated end to end Advice and Support

A committed team of experts, managing the whole process, from the very first day to the very last day of the process we are in control. This includes the preparation process to sell, brokerage, negotiations, Heads of terms, due diligence support, and finally the legal completion and signing of the sale and purchase agreement - this last part through our own law practice 3volution
No need for 4 or 5 different advisors - just us.

Comprehensive Market Insights & Bespoke Sale Strategies

Access to unparalleled market insights and trends in the insurance sector, enabling informed decision-making and timing of your sale. As well as tailored sale strategies that align with your business's unique strengths and market position, ensuring you achieve the optimal sale outcome. 

Communication and technical support

We know how valuable and emotional a business sale can be to those involved. We ensure you are involved at all stages of the decision making whilst we take responsibility for the technical “heavy lifting” necessary to get the deal right and over the line for both parties.

Whilst we will be acting for you, the Seller, we passionately believe in achieving a win - win outcome for both the Buyer and Seller. We believe that this not only will lead to a much greater chance of actually completing the sale but also one which will leave you as the seller getting a better deal and one which you are also happier with.

High Success Rate

All of these combined result in us having an exceptionally high success rate with regards to completed sales. Unlike other advisors and business brokers, when we take on clients we do so with intention and confidence that everyone will result in a successful outcome.

Unique Factors in Selling an insurance company

Regulatory Approval and Compliance: The insurance industry is highly regulated, with stringent requirements governing company operations. The sale of an insurance business often requires regulatory approval, and the process can be lengthy and complex. Prospective buyers must be vetted to ensure they meet all regulatory standards, which can affect the timeline and structure of the sale. Sellers must navigate these regulatory challenges carefully to maintain business operations throughout the sale process and ensure a smooth transition.

Client Base and Policy Retention: In the insurance industry, the value of the business is closely tied to its client base and the retention of policyholders. Unlike other sectors, insurance clients can be sensitive to changes in ownership, which may affect their perception of the business's stability and reliability. Ensuring a smooth transition that maintains client trust is crucial. The sale plan should include strategies for communicating changes to policyholders and retaining them post-sale, which is often a key concern for buyers.

Valuation of Renewal Rights and Underwriting Profits: The valuation of an insurance business is significantly influenced by the renewal rights of existing policies and the potential for underwriting profits. These are considered intangible assets and can be difficult to quantify. Buyers will closely examine the quality of the insurance book, including the age, claims history, and profitability of policies, as well as the business's underwriting standards and procedures. The seller must prepare a detailed and transparent presentation of these factors to justify the business's valuation and attract serious buyers.

These unique considerations highlight the importance of specialised guidance when selling an insurance business. The process requires a deep understanding of the industry's regulatory environment, a strategic approach to client retention, and a clear articulation of the business's value, all of which are essential for a successful sale.

How Dexterity Partners can help

Selling your insurance business is a monumental step. With Dexterity Partners, you gain a partner committed to ensuring that your business finds the right buyer at the right price. Our expert team, industry knowledge, and personalised end to end approach make us the ideal choice for insurance business owners looking to sell.

We aim to provide a complete end to end service, covering all aspects of the sale process to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible and make your life easier, all whilst ensuring you get the best deal for you and benefit from the countless time and effort you have put in over the years. We know that selling your business is probably a once in a lifetime occurrence and is the cumulation of decades of hard work, which is why it is so important that you get it right and we have the confidence, experience and track record that we can deliver the right outcomes for you.

Ready to discuss the sale of your insurance business? Contact us today to begin your journey.


Steps to Selling Your Insurance Firm


We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your business to understand its financial health, operational strengths, and market position. This is all part of what we call our Fit to Sell and Fit for the Future analysis. We want to ensure that from the very start everything is in place to make sure the sale can be a success and achieve your own goals.

Strategic Marketing

Develop a confidential marketing plan that targets suitable buyers within our extensive network, ensuring your business's sale remains discreet while reaching all potential buyers and investors.

Negotiation and Heads of Terms

Our team expertly handles the offers from the potential buyers and the negotiations, leveraging our industry knowledge and negotiation skills to secure the best possible terms and price for your business. From this we then aim to agree Heads of Terms with the preferred bidder and give them exclusivity to proceed to the next stage on the basis of their offer. We keep you informed at every step of this process to ensure we achieve exactly what you want from the offers and get the outcome you desire.

Due Diligence Coordination

We oversee the due diligence process, ensuring all necessary information is accurately presented and managing inquiries from the buyer's side to maintain momentum towards closing.


Finalising the sale involves coordinating with legal and financial professionals to get the Sale and Purchase agreement signed and finally complete the sale. We do this through our Law firm 3volution.

If you’d like more information about our services,
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Client Testimonials

I'm delighted to be joining forces with K3.  We pride ourselves on
delivering a high-quality service and we can add greater value to our clients through the provision of K3's broad range of advisory services. Businesses are facing unprecedented levels of financial hardship and we are now in an even stronger position to help businesses navigate the current economic storm."

Dexterity Partners played a critical role in managing the complete sales process, from negotiation to legal completion. This enabled me to remain focussed on the business whilst having an experienced sounding board who understood all the issues. Dexterity Partners unique approach with a single point contact controlling the whole process, improved the final agreed value and terms of the deal.  

Michael Chamberlain, founder and director at Chamberlain & Co.

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