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Sell a business

Dexterity Partners was set up to offer owner managed and SME businesses a unique start to finish service to sell their business.


The combination of all the stages project managed under a single entity enables a streamlined and effective process.

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Why Dexterity Partners..?

Over 60 years of experience of selling owner managed and SME businesses.
No need for multiple advisors, just one - us. 
Efficient and cost-effective process without sacrificing quality.


Our "Fit to Sell" and "Fit for the Future" analysis identifies where value exists and how to enhance the value of a business and its attractiveness to a buyer. 

Dexterity Partners “Fit to Sell and Fit of the Future” process enables sale of Max Abraham Roofing Contractors Limited.

Jez Abraham acknowledged the value of investing in Dexterity Partners,. Jez noted “Dexterity Partners, led by co- founders; Dr Simon Brayshaw and Jonathan Priestley provided their unique start to finish advisory service for Owner Managers. This includes the unique “Fit to Sell” and Fit for the Future” initial preparation which addressed issues we only realised towards the end of the process. Fortunately, Dexterity Partners had already found solutions for these potential problems.  


This ensured a cost-effective value for money investment often too costly for smaller companies when using multiple advisors including, sales brokers, accountants and lawyers all on a time basis not a fixed fee.

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Get In touch

Contact our team at Dexterity Partners today for assistance with selling your business, let us help you sell your business.

Client Testimonials

I'm delighted to be joining forces with K3.  We pride ourselves on
delivering a high-quality service and we can add greater value to our clients through the provision of K3's broad range of advisory services. Businesses are facing unprecedented levels of financial hardship and we are now in an even stronger position to help businesses navigate the current economic storm."


Dexterity Partners played a critical role in managing the complete sales process, from negotiation to legal completion. This enabled me to remain focussed on the business whilst having an experienced sounding board who understood all the issues. Dexterity Partners unique approach with a single point contact controlling the whole process, improved the final agreed value and terms of the deal.  

Michael Chamberlain, founder and director at Chamberlain & Co.

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