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About Dexterity Partners

Dexterity Partners was set up to offer owner managed and SME businesses a unique start to finish service to sell their business. The combination of all the stages project managed under a single entity enables a streamlined process.


No need for multiple advisors, just one - us.

This allows for an efficient and cost-effective process without sacrificing quality.


We have over 60 years of continuous experience of selling owner managed and SME businesses.

Our "Fit to Sell" and "Fit for the Future" analysis identifies where value exists and how to enhance the value of a business and its attractiveness to a buyer.

We saw that in the current market there is a lack of advisors offering a full end to end service with ownership of the entire process. As such the current way of working ends up with different advisors at different stages often out of sync in both their advice and operations leading to not only conflicting advice, inefficiencies and delays but also each advisor charging their own fees. One of the key aspects is that usually legal advisors are not brought in until the very last stage, which often results in last minute issues arising with large implications that can seriously affect the deal at the last minute, whether thats a risk of it falling through or price reductions. We incorporate legal advice from day 1 to identify and resolve these issues from the start. 
We bring all these advisors together as one, from preparing the business, to finding buyers, negotiating the deal, facilitating the due diligence, ensuring the legal work is covered to finally completing the deal. 

We do all of it.

We have over 60 years experience in buying and selling business both as advisors and in our own businesses and know exactly what makes a sale successful. We want to help owner managed and SME businesses with invaluable, comprehensive advice, guiding you from the very start of the process to the very end to ensure you get the very most of the process of selling your business.

Leadership Team

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Jonathan Priestley

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Jonathan is a qualified solicitor with a masters in business administration. Jonathan is the joint owner of 3volution Limited legal practice and has been since start up. He has over 30 years of experience in corporate transactions and has acted for sellers on over 200 business transactions in his career.

Jonathan heads up the legal process in all of the deals ensuring that the legal aspects are looked at from the very start and not just the very end. This helps ensure that the issues are resolved early and not left to the last moment that could put the deal in jeopardy.


This unique approach allows Jonathan and the team to work closely with the rest of the advisory team to provide a much more efficient and effective service.


Additionally he also involved in managing the process from start to finish along with Simon and has input at every stage to ensure the whole team is working towards achieving the client’s objectives.

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Simon Brayshaw

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Simon is a chartered accountant with a master's in business administration who has spent his whole career involved in the buying and selling of businesses.

He has been on both sides as an advisor and as a director of businesses including his own. He has owned and managed businesses over the last 25 years and sold them for over £60m. 

As a result of his practical experience he was able to complete his doctorate in SME strategy. The outcome was the design of a tried and tested practical pathway which enables SME's to achieve short term profits whilst simultaneously creating long term value. It is the combination of these which maximises the value of any business undertaking a sales process. One of the key reasons Dexterity Partners was established is to use this proven practical approach to assist owners in realising the maximum value for their business.


Simon’s role in the process is to ensure that from the start to finish everything step of the process runs smoothly. He is particularly focused, using his extensive experience from running business, selling and buying them, on making sure the business is “fit to Sell'' from the outset so that the process starts off in the best way possible.


This then carries across into him leading the negotiations of the Heads of Terms and then managing the final stages of the due diligence to completion. He is the main point of contact throughout the process and ensures that at each step of the process your objectives are being achieved.

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